WANDERLUST; San Sebastian

After our hectic tour and Barcelona visit we decided to go to San Sebastian, near the border of France, to chill out and soak up some sunshine and beach vibes.

There are three main beaches in San Sebastian; Playa de la Concha, Playa de Ondarreta and Playa de la Zurriola.

We walked around the head near the old town and then along Playa de la Concha the first night.

A carousel near Playa de Zurriola.

We spent a day at the beach of Playa de Zurriola was my favourite day that I have had with mum while we have been away.

Sand artists progress at the beginning of our beach visit.

The finished product.

I really liked the cafe Koh Tao. It is very cute, plays indie and electro music and has free wifi. It’s open as a bar at night too.

On the final night in San Sebastian we had dinner with friends from Melbourne, who I had surprisingly bumped into in a bar the night before. We had planned to see them in Bordeaux but as it turned out that wouldn’t be there when we were, so everything turned out how it was supposed to.

We went to the Amstel Surf Film Festival with them after dinner then to some bars with some people who are living the surfers dream – surfing and teaching surf lessons as their occupation in San Sebastian before taking off soon to get to know another beach somewhere else in the world.

I will definitely go back to San Sebastian for relaxing beach times again.


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