WANDERLUST; Sunday in London including the markets.

Sunday is London is best spent started off with a delicious breakfast, followed by exploring the markets in East London and concluded with cider.

I really, really, really love the four The Breakfast Club cafes in London.

Part of the lighting display at The Breakfast Club in Spitalfields.

During my 10 days back in London at the end of my trip I visited all four; in Soho, Hoxton, Angel and Spitalfields.

Polaroid wall at The Breakfast Club in Soho.

When in London in March I spent an afternoon around Brick Lane and East London with an old internet friend Amber. Upon going back to London I wanted to show my friend Jacqui why I love the markets in London.


Probably the most famous, the Brick Lane Markets are actually called the Sunday (Up) Market. The warehouse has multiple levels. The entry level has a lot of vintage clothing and hand made wares and a lot of unique jewellery.

Delicious cupcakes.

I scored this rose necklace.

I was eyeing off some long necklaces adorned with various sizes and types of cutlery but couldn’t justify 65 pounds for something I would have more fun creating myself.


Spitalfields market also has a lot of handmade wares – mainly clothing and jewellery, but isn’t as good for babe watching as the Sunday (Up) Market.


After attending the two markets you should head down Brick Lane and turn left at Cheshire St to go deeper into Shoreditch.

There are a lot of vintage stores in this area and my favourite is the Swedish owned Beyond Retro as it is quite big and has a high quality range.

Photo via London Town website.

Photo of Beyond Retro via Rookie Magazine.

Overall, after you shake off your Sunday hangover it is worth heading over to Brick Lane and Shoreditch for a day of vintage shopping, yummy food and babe watching.


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