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WANDERLUST; Montmartre in Paris.

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Montmartre is my favourite area of Paris.

You can see how far Paris sprawls whilst standing on the steps of the Sacre Coer. I would recommend hiking up all the steps; more than 200. Sitting on the grass of the Sacre Coer hill whilst drinking beers and watching passers by is such a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Montmartre’s history as the artists quarter continues to this day. Artists still paint and draw in Place Emile Goudeau, which is at the top of the hill and behind the Sacre Coer.

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WANDERLUST; Gothenburg

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Sweden is a beautiful and elegant country with dense forest.

Gothenburg (Göteborg in Swedish) is a city on the west side of Sweden that is small enough to be explored entirely by foot. It has been likened to Melbourne, in that it is the country’s centre of art, music and culture. Upon learning that The Knife, The Tough Alliance and José González all came from Göteborg proved to me that I needed to visit this city.

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Larry Carlson.

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Matt Convente.

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microscope by matt convente.

The Pedestrian Project.

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Created by New Yorker Artist/Costume Designer Yvette Helin, these models were dispered through New York and carried out their day-to-day activites alongside NY citizens.

Discovery props to Trend. Land .