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WANDERLUST; Vintage shopping in Berlin

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Frankfurter Tor 3
Frankfurter Tor – U5
See the website for other locations

I visited the Frankfurter Tor store which is five floors of second hand and vintage goodness.

The top floor is my favourite – it is divided into different areas including 90’s, 80’s and DDR.

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On Friday I transferred to a hostel in Camden. I still went back to Oxford Street a few times – it has a magnet which pulls serious shoppers back there with it’s promise of Londenesk style – but I enjoyed the eclectic demographic of Camden.

Camden is in northern London and a hybrid of Sydney Road (the Brunswick end) and Fitzroy. There are a lot of pubs and music venues. I stayed at St. Christopher’s Inn which is a hostel above a pub on High Street.Whilst sitting in the ‘chillout room’ I met a fellow Melbournian, who mixes in some of the same social circles I do and who had been travelling for a few weeks previously with a friend I was supposed to see on Tuesday when I arrived in London – but didn’t. A little bit of home never goes astray when on the other side of the world.

I also made friends with a guy from Washington D.C. We went to a gig together at Koko in Camden. Koko is a really beautiful venue; similar to The Forum but much bigger. Washington D.C seems quite similar to Melbourne in regards to nightlife and the demographic of gig attendees. As I have mentioned in a previous post, Londoners seem to go out for the sake of going out – but Melbournians are more likely to go out for the music. Eric and I both agreed that we cannot stand to be in a place where we don’t like the music.

A band similar to Warpaint, called Bleech, playing at Koko:

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Wow, a week in London has gone so fast but I’ve had so many adventures already that it also feels like I have been away for a few weeks.

I expected all Londoners to be rude. Okay, yes they aren’t friendly (everyone I have spoken to about it blames London itself for this) yet they are very polite. My suitcase is quite large (I never would have got along well with a backpack, I like my case to be orderly) and must have looked somewhat ridiculous as a Londoner came to the rescue on each set of steps I travelled on with my luggage. I was pleasantly surprised at these acts of kindness from strangers.

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berlin part 2, vienna, shopping.

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the last few days i have done so much shopping

firstly in berlin i found two districts which can be likened to greville st and brunswick st, so i got some things inc a vintage leather skirt, and a few pairs of leggings.

and now im in vienna and yesterday i got a few pairs of sneakers, some blue acid wash jeans and a long black hoodie-dress.

its so hot here! yesterday was 27 which is my favourite temperature and today is warming up to 32, although its only about 11am now. its so nice to just be able to wear a skirt and singlet. i feel so free, after being so rugged up in about 5 layers each day in melbourne and still needing to wear warmish clothes in sweden and lithuania hehe.

this afternoon we are getting the train to klagenfurt, which is in the south of austria, and then going to venice tomorrow.

hugs and love xxx